6 Must-Follow Amapiano Mix YouTube Channels In 2024

At the emergence of the Amapiano sub-genre, many critics and skeptics believed it would fade away soonest. However, the genre has speedily grown. And local and international artists of other genres want to add a touch of Amapiano to their albums.

For most people, Amapiano mixes are their go-to. Therefore, some artists create mixes to satisfy the cravings of piano-hungry listeners.

YouTube is a great place to stay tuned to the happenings in the corridors of the Amapiano mix. Here are 6 Must-Follow Amapiano Mix YouTube Channels you can follow.

In no particular order, let's get started!

Must-Follow Amapiano Mix Channels on YouTube

Major League DJz

Major League DJz consist of twin brothers Banele and Bandile Mbere. It's not surprising that they created the immensely popular "Amapiano Balcony Mixes," which have won over millions of fans worldwide since its creation.

Although the Major League DJz was not one of the founding fathers of the Amapiano movement, they have gained popularity for their creative piano mixes.

Initially, they were SA hip hop superstars, then eventually switched to Amapiano music.

Currently, with 557K YouTube subscribers, you don't want to miss out on the Amapiano Balcony mix videos and other mixes.

Stanky DeeJay

A piano maestro, Stanky DeeJay, is always ready to illuminate a party, no matter what time or place.

Although this songster might not be the one grabbing all of the headlines, he's still a major player in Amapiano mixes.

Also, his YouTube channel is a good place to camp if you're interested in South African piano music. He currently has 13.1K subscribers.

DJ Lyta

DJ Lyta is a mixing virtuoso who deserves to be called DJ Lyta. It's quite fitting that Lyta is synonymous with ignition.

Therefore, his Amapiano mixes easily ignite the souls of listeners who love piano music.

Due to his popularity, consistency and diligence, he has about 189K subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Mr-Luu de Stylist

Mr-Luu de Stylist is another YouTube channel you shouldn't miss out on for interesting Amapiano mixes.

While there is little information about Mr-Luu de Stylist, a few fiery piano mixes on this channel will please any lover of piano music. It has over 312K subscribers.

Romeo Makota

When it comes to creative Amapiano mixes, Romeo Makota is a famous personality.

In addition, he has been consistent in producing lovely mixes for quite some time which has attracted a lot of piano lovers out there. He releases weekly Amapiano mixes to keep fans coming back for more.

Plus, this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Romeo Makota. He currently has 169 YouTube subscribers.


The Kwaito artist, Oskido, combines music with business. He owns a record label and plays a huge role in promoting musicians in the South African music industry.

In addition, Oskido has been in the Amapiano scene for a long time, influencing fans and other listeners with his piano sounds.

Ensure to follow Oskido for all things Amapiano on his YouTube channel, which currently has 113K subscribers.

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