CBR.Pres.10 Years Of Candid Beings (Part.1)

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CBR.Pres.10 Years Of Candid Beings (Part.1) is not just an album; it's a milestone in the journey of Candid Beings Records. Celebrating a decade of musical excellence, this album showcases the best of Candid Beings' talent and creativity. Now available for free download on Zonkewap.co, this album is a must-have for any music enthusiast. Here’s how you can easily get your hands on this extraordinary release.

CBR.Pres.10 Years Of Candid Beings (Part.1) takes listeners on a sonic journey through ten years of groundbreaking music. The album features:

  • A diverse range of tracks that highlight Candid Beings' evolution over the past decade.
  • Cutting-edge production and innovative soundscapes that push the boundaries of electronic music.
  • Collaborations with top artists and producers, creating a dynamic and immersive listening experience.

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  1. Jazzuelle & Tea White – Flying Daggers
  2. Krippsoulisc – Nobody Else
  3. Hypaphonik & Thabo Tonick – REBOOT
  4. AndileAndy & MKJay SA – A Little Bit Of Fun
  5. Frank Ru & MSM.DE94 – Gehry
  6. Messive Muzik – Confession Booth
  7. Real Kue Soul – Fake Smile (Graham Deep C2B Mix)
  8. Zithane & Ian Kay HQ – Loud Silnce
  9. Jas Artchild – Vibrate


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