Top Best 20 Amapiano Songs

Amapiano songs dominate the music scene in South Africa. This hybrid genre blends deep house, jazz, and lounge music, distinguished by its synths and wide, percussive basslines. These tracks are frequently played in mainstream media, entertainment venues, events, and public transport, rapidly becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Enjoy the infectious beats and unique rhythms of these top Amapiano tracks!

Here’s a handpicked list of the top best 20 Amapiano songs of 2024 that you simply must listen to.

1. Shakes & Les, Leemckrazy "Funk 99"

This catchy tune combines upbeat rhythms with an infectious hook, making it a favorite in clubs and playlists alike.

2. ShaunMusiq & Ftears, Myztro, Scotts Maphuma " Cishe Nga Posta"

A Melodic tune by Shaunmusiq & Ftears, Myztro, and Scotts Maphuma is a vibrant, energetic track that fuses amapiano rhythms with catchy melodies and smooth beats.

3. Mellow & Sleazy, Amu Classic, Kappie "Juluka" (feat. Tman Xpress)

This vocal variant, chest rattling sound by mellow and sleazy continue to be fans favourite.

4. Dj Karri, Deep Saints "Saba Julukisa" (feat. Mfana Kah Gogo & Spux)

This catchy sound resonates more with the younger audience, who respond to the drums and percussion of this melody.

5. Tman Xpress "Madulas Bavumile" (feat. Mellow & Sleazy)

Tman Express consistently captivates with his rich, soulful sound, and "Madulas Bavumile" is no different, offering powerful vocals and a sleek beat.

6. TitoM & Yuppe "Tshwala Bam" [Ft. S.N.E & EeQue]

"Tswahla Bam has become a rave since it's it's release,same goes for its catchy dance, it is very popular across the african continent.

7. Uncle Waffles & Royal Musiq "Wadibusa" ft. Ohp Sage, Pcee & DJY Biza

"Wadibusa" by Uncle Waffles & Royal Musiq, featuring Ohp Sage, Pcee, and DJY, is an energetic amapiano track known for its catchy rhythm, engaging beats, and vibrant vocal contributions.

8. Kabza De Small & Mthunzi "Imithandazo" FT Young Stunna, DJ Maphorisa, Sizwe Alakine & UmthakathiKush

"Imithandazo" by Kabza De Small & Mthunzi, featuring Young Stunna, DJ Maphorisa, Sizwe Alakine, and UmthakathiKush, is a soulful amapiano track with smooth melodies and engaging vocals.

9. Tyler ICU & "Mnike (Visualizer)" ft. DJ Maphorisa, Nandipha808, Ceeka RSA & Tyron Dee

This song is a high energy sound with a blend of upbeat rhythms and melodious beats to leave a happy vibe.

10. DJ Stokie, Eemoh "Masithokoze"

This track showcases DJ Stokie's vibrant and emotional beats, allowing his audience to share in the experience.

11. Wanitwa Mos, Master KG, Nkosazana Daughter "Keneilwe" (ft. Dalom Kids)

This boppy tune highlights Master KG's expertise and demonstrates how amapiano continues to surpass boundaries.

12. Shakes & Les "Funk 55"

"Funk 55” is a feel-good song with a catchy hook and irresistible beat, perfect for any party playlist.

13. Tyler ICU & DJ Maphorisa "Manzi Nte" (Feat. Masterpiece YVK, Ceeka RSA, M.J & Silas Africa)

This is a dynamic amapiano track that blends intricate rhythms with smooth, melodic elements. The song showcases a mix of vocal styles, adding depth and variety to the energetic beats and creating a captivating listening experience that highlights the collaborative talent of its featured artists.

14. Busta 929 & Mr JazziQ "Umsebenzi Wethu" (feat. Lady Du, Reece Madlisa, Zuma & Mpura)

"Umsebenzi Wethu" is a high-energy, chill-thrilling banger that perfectly embodies the vibrant and dynamic essence of Amapiano music.

15. Mr JazziQ "Woza" (feat. Kabza De Small, Lady Du & Boohle)

Mr Jazziq's "Woza" remains a crowd favorite among Amapiano enthusiasts, thanks to its catchy hook and irresistible dance beat.

16. NASAA & Chley "Matha" (feat. & Amaza)

This lively track delivers an exhilarating experience with its catchy hook and lyrics, making it a perfect dance anthem to rave to.

17. Motive Deep, Imbalintombiyesizwe & Nandi Ndathane "Mvelinqangi" (Ft. Happy Jazzman, Chopstar & F.S.)

This energetic collaboration brings together some of the biggest names in Amapiano, delivering a catchy tune with upbeat rhythms that resonates in clubs and playlists alike, earning it a spot as a fan favorite.

18. Busta 929 "Ngixolele" ft. Boohle

Amapiano at its finest, showcasing Boohle's mesmerizing vocals and a blend of instrumentals in a melodic masterpiece like never before.

19. Babalwa M & Kelvin Momo "Pholisa" (ft. Stixx & Baby S.O.N)

A feel - good track with powerful and soulful vocals, soothing and warm to hear.

20.Njelic "Imali" (feat. Luu Nineleven, Rhythm Tee & Mkeyz)

A soul-enriching track that uplifts with its lyrics and catchy melody, truly a delight for the senses.

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